Why do we take action?

Concerned about the degree of vulnerability and discrimination of people with disabilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Africa in general;

Concerned by the poor access of people with disabilities to public affairs management;

Concerned about the physical, psychological, emotional, socio-economic, socio-cultural and legal situation of people with disabilities requiring multidimensional interventions 

Concerned about strengthening the leadership and development of people with disabilities for their socio-economic integration for a better future;

Conscious of the shared responsibility for the effectiveness of the promotion and protection of the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities



EDA is a multi-sectoral organization aiming at the inclusion, integration and dignity of people with disabilities who have long been marginalized and forgotten.

EDA provides support in a holistic approach to people with disabilities and their families through support to entrepreneurial initiatives led by people with disabilities, capacity building on their economic power and empowerment, education on the rights of people with disabilities and advocacy for participation in public affairs and social integration of people with disabilities.

EDA also supports advocacy for the legal recognition of the rights of people with disabilities, through initiatives to support the reform of the legal system by monitoring violations of the rights of people with disabilities, assistance and legal and judicial accompaniment of victims with disabilities.

It also supports advocacy for the full inclusion of people with disabilities in the efforts to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are the basis of its work.

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