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EDA is an organization of people with disabilities (DPO) that saves their lives, defends their rights and helps them realize their potential

Our Story

Enable the Disable Action (EDA) was founded in 2017 by a group of people with disabilities including Sylvain OBEDI to respond to the problems faced by people with disabilities in communities and further to alter a gap it could no longer bridge between the rights of people with disabilities. Until then, agencies, experts, donors and human rights activists had neglected or dismissed disability as “not our problem” – just as human rights actors and agendas often excluded disability issues from their scope.

EDA has worked effectively to amplify the voices of youth and people with disabilities in the spaces where their rights are discussed and decisions affecting their lives are made.

Over time, EDA has grown from a one-man operation engaged in UN advocacy to a dynamic organization with a diverse team of advocates working from our offices in Goma and Kinshasa and other locations in the Democratic Republic of Congo under the guidance of a board of directors.

Our growth has allowed us to expand our reach and presence, not only by increasing and improving our advocacy, but also by deepening our relationships with human rights experts, fostering dynamic partnerships with other organizations, conducting extensive research and consulting projects, and taking ambitious initiatives to improve the lives of our disabled peers.

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